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Lessons From My Reinvention Journey

Lessons From My Reinvention Journey

March 18, 2021

This episode of the podcast is a little different. It's the very first ever solo episode of the show. This is something that I have been resisting for a while.

I made a promise to myself for 2021, to ramp things up a bit and get back to taking some uncomfortable steps for the growth of my mission to help as many midlife women as possible create their kick-ass next chapter. And for my own personal growth as well.

Doing the podcast each week is one of my favourite things. I love interviewing guests and hearing their stories about how they got from point A to point B and the lessons learned along the way. But I've had a huge amount of resistance around sharing my own story. It has felt a bit vulnerable to put my whole life out there on the world wide web for everyone to hear. Not to mention listening to myself talk for 30 minutes. Why is it so hard to hear our own voices?

So in this episode, I’m sharing all the gory details of how and why my life fell apart at the age of 50 and the process of rebuilding it to create my own kick-ass next chapter as well as all the lessons I have learned along the way. I would love for you to listen and let me know your thoughts. I hope that you can see yourself in some part of my story and that there's a thought or idea that might resonate with your own midlife reinvention journey.

Learn more about the voice behind the Old Chicks Know Sh*t Podcast:

Jennifer Arthurton is the creator and founder of Old Chicks Know Sh*t, a community and podcast designed to inspire and support midlife women in chasing their dreams and creating their kick-ass next chapter. Jennifer is an empowerment coach, podcast host, writer and speaker, and having made her own midlife course corrections, she is a passionate advocate of the inherent power and wisdom that women possess at a time when they often feel overlooked and doubt themselves most.  Find out more about at www.oldchicksknowshit.com or Old Chicks Know Shit on Instagram and Facebook.

Schedule a Clarity Kickstarter Call with Jennifer - oldchicksknowshit.com/claritykickstarter

Strong At Any Age

Strong At Any Age

March 12, 2021

Today I chat with Susan Niebergall about fitness at any age and getting into the best shape of your life at midlife. We talk about all the benefits of strength training for women and how it is actually the #1 anti-aging tool.  She shares how being obsessed with numbers, either scale weight or calories, could actually be holding you back. Instead, she shares one thing that we should be focusing on to meet our fitness goals. If getting into the best shape of your life is on your midlife bucket list you will want to give this one a listen.

Check out Susan's book "Fit At Any Age" here - susanniebergallfitness.com/fit-at-any-age

Find her SF Inner Circle here - sfinnercircle.com

Connect with Susan on Instagram @susanniebergallfitness or on  Facebook at facebook.com/susanniebergallfitness. 

Access her website here - susanniebergallfitness.com

Meet Susan:

I am a Personal Trainer and Strength Coach. I am in my early sixties and am living proof that anything is possible at any age. I have a passion for helping people, specifically helping people attain their fitness goals, and I love empowering people in the gym and in their life–especially middle-aged women!

I am a wife to a fabulous high school band director and Mom to an awesome college-bound young man. I have been in education my whole life. I was a high school and elementary school band director and was a school counsellor for 24 years. I love teaching and helping people!



Own Your Worth

Own Your Worth

March 5, 2021

Ashley Paré, is a Leadership Coach who helps women ask for what they want in their careers and businesses. 

Ashley's experience from her own life as well as working with her clients has helped her identify the roadblocks for women getting what they want and how they can overcome them.  We chat about getting clear on what you want, subconscious beliefs that hold us back and giving ourselves permission. 

Whether you want to get a promotion or raise the rates in your business or even if you are re-entering the workforce you will find some valuable nuggets in our conversation to help you own your worth! 

Here is a link to Ashley's TEDx Talk we mention in the podcast - https://ownyourworth.org/tedx-talk/

Learn more about Ashley:

Ashley Paré is the CEO & Founder of Own Your Worth®, an organization bridging the gap between employees and employers.  As a leadership coach and sought after Speaker, Ashley gives women the tools to own their worth and negotiate for what they want without fear of negative consequences.  Ashley is a TEDx Speaker with more than a decade of corporate experience in global Human Resources.  She’s been featured in The New York Times, Glamour, CNN Money, Good Morning America and more. She resides with her husband and son in Boston, MA. You can learn more about her work at www.ownyourworth.com.

Why Midlife Women Make the Best Entrepreneurs

Why Midlife Women Make the Best Entrepreneurs

February 4, 2021

If you have been considering starting a business or some kind of new venture for your second chapter then this is an episode you do not want to miss. In this episode, I speak with Juju Hook who is a former corporate brand strategist turned author, speaker and coach for midlife women entrepreneurs.  It's a super inspiring conversation about why midlife women are actually better equipped than many other groups for entrepreneurship. We talk about the powerful intersection of purpose and mastery, why we downplay our skills and the lies that are sold to midlife women in mainstream advertising. Juju shares how the answer to the question "If you could be doing anything you wanted right now, what would you be doing?” became the inspiration and catalyst for her own business. 

This episode reminds us how powerful and capable we are to create the life and business we want at this time of life.  A seriously inspirational conversation that you don’t want to miss. 

Are you ready for a midlife remix? Take a listen and get inspired!

Learn more about Juju Hook

Juju Hook is a consultant, coach, and speaker. For more than a quarter-century she developed brand strategies for corporations. Today, through online programs, live events, and one-to-one coaching, Juju motivates, inspires, and educates PrimeTime women in topics related to business, life, and relationships. She holds a BA in English and an MBA, and is certified as a coach and a yoga teacher. Juju lives in San Diego with her husband and her son. You can find her branding blog at StrategicJuju.com and her program for PrimeTime women at PositivelyPrimeTime.com.

Access Juju's website here - jujuhook.com

Juju has created a quiz to help people determine their brand archetype called Discover Your Essence of Influence. Access the quiz here - Discover Your Essence of Influence

A Sober Midlife?

A Sober Midlife?

January 28, 2021

Today's episode is all about alcohol. From the occasional drink to a glass or two every night, how do you know if alcohol is a problem in your life? I talk with Lori Massicot who is a Life & Sober Coach for midlife women. Lori shares the story of her 30-year journey with alcohol and how she knew that it was becoming a problem for her. 

We talk about what it means to be sober curious, societal pressures and self-awareness around drinking. Lori encourages us to look at how our relationship with alcohol is impacting our relationships, careers and even personal goals. We talk at length about how alcohol is impacting the many hormonal changes and menopause symptoms that we experience at this time of life.

Lori shares how to navigate social pressures around drinking and create boundaries, along with tips on how to get out of the habit of drinking.

Book mention: Atomic Habits by James Clear

Learn more about Lori:

Lori Massicot is a Life & Sober coach for women over 40 because she knows how tough aging can be, especially when you mix it with alcohol.  She helps women restructure their days to align with a sober lifestyle to give the time and space to process how to think, feel, and do, all in a "NO BS fluffy" kind of way. A Sober Lifestyle is a catalyst to transform all areas of life from health and wellness to relationships to money and career goals and a deeper connection to your authentic self.

Her website is www.lorimassicot.com.

Check out her Podcast, 'To 50 and Beyond' - lorimassicot.com/to50andbeyondpodcast

Her membership community called 'Elevate' can be accessed here - https://www.lorimassicot.com/elevatenow

Love Your Body At Any Age

Love Your Body At Any Age

January 21, 2021
So many of us struggle with body image and weight gain as we age. Imagine loving your body exactly as it is while still achieving your weight loss and fitness goals. In today's podcast, I have a great conversation with Steph Miramontes, a Mind Body Transformation Strategist, about how we can achieve the results we want from a place of love and respect for our bodies instead of hatred and disgust. 
Steph shares her own journey of struggling with negative body image and diet and how she overcame it. She shares how diets, even when we do lose weight, actually exacerbate body image issues and leave us still picking our body apart and wishing it was better. 
We talk about how the health and fitness industry and media have tricked us into betraying our bodies based on an unrealistic and often unattainable ideal.  Steph shares that the key to lasting transformation is an inside job focused on mind, body, and soul and rebuilding the most important relationship we have, the one with our ourselves.
I hope you enjoy this episode and learn more about how to start having a love affair with your body as it is, now.
Learn more about Steph
Steph is the owner of soul-centred Fitness where she takes fitness and nutrition coaching from a mundane task list to inspired action. She’ll help you pull back the curtain on why you want to change while guiding you on a journey that is sustainable. She is also a Desire Map facilitator and blends the perfect amount of no BS coaching with grace and compassion. She has been helping people achieve their fitness goals since 2012.
She's committed to not only helping her clients untangle their relationship to food and end yo-yo dieting but also helps them heal a lifelong battle with their body image.
You can find Steph on Instagram, and listen to her podcast The MindBody Alchemy Podcast here.
How To Thrive In Menopause

How To Thrive In Menopause

January 14, 2021

I am thrilled to have fitness expert, Amanda Thebe, back to talk about her popular new book called Menopocalypse. It's a hilarious and well-researched book that provides a ton of great information and quite a few chuckles.

Amanda chronicles her menopause journey and how that led her to go deep into the research of how nutrition, exercise, stress and other things affect the menopause experience. Her philosophy is that the more we understand what's going on with our body, the more empowered we are to take back our power in this stage of life. Although menopause symptoms can be very different for each woman, Amanda shares the five most common symptoms and how to help deal with them. She also reviews diseases and health issues that post-menopausal women are more at risk for and how we can support our bodies. And of course, she brings her fitness expertise to the discussion as we talk about movement, exercise and the importance of strength training.

Did you ever think about menopause as a good thing? Amanda and I discuss how it is important for us to change our view of menopause as a pivotal point or pattern interrupt to re-evaluate our lives instead of as a disruption. The impact of stress and how we think has a big impact on how we experience menopause. This episode will challenge you to think differently about this stage of life.

Reference: Amanda mentions the book The Menopause Diet Plan by Hillary Wright and Elizabeth M. Ward

Would you like to learn more about Amanda?

Amanda Thebe is a force of nature for women who are experiencing menopause hell and want to start feeling healthy and fit in their 40s and beyond. With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, Amanda is a highly regarded expert on women’s fitness and health. A popular guest on podcasts and online summits, she brings refreshing humour and no-nonsense approach to subjects usually shrouded in shame. Through her frank articles, hilarious social media posts and inspirational and entertaining talks, Amanda continually inspires the loyal readers of her website, FitnChips.com.

Her exercise workouts and fitness tips have been featured in Shape, Prevention, Health Line, Global News Canada, Lifehacker, Breaking Muscle, Girls Gone Strong, and Ultimate Sandbag Training. She lives in Houston, Texas.

WEBSITE: FitnChips.com

SOCIAL: Podcast | https://fitnchipschats.podomatic.com/

Instagram | www.instagram.com/amanda.thebe

Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/fitnchips

Facebook community | www.facebook.com/groups/menopausingsohard

Twitter | https://twitter.com/fitnchips

BOOK: Menopocalypse can be found on Amazon and other large retailers - https://www.fitnchips.com/books/

The Unexpected Emotional Toll of Aging Parents

The Unexpected Emotional Toll of Aging Parents

January 7, 2021

Today's episode is the second in a series about caring for aging parents. It's an important topic that is impacting so many of my clients and this community. It's something that I am familiar with and am currently dealing with as well. The physical aspects of care are pretty straight forward but what is often unexpected is the emotional impacts it can have on us - fear, guilt, resentment and more

This conversation with Resa Eisen, a licensed therapist, social worker and mediator, sheds some light on how we as women can take charge of our emotional health while navigating this path with grace for all concerned.

We talk about the importance of giving ourselves permission for the feelings that arise as we navigate the complex family dynamics when we go from being the child to the caregiver.

During this podcast, we also chat about patterns of conflict that follow us from our families-of-origin and the cultural expectations for women as the primary caregiver, especially while we are in the midst of our own midlife struggles. There is also the added cultural imperative to be "unseen" and “ unheard”. Resa believes that women have the power within them to take charge of their emotional health, and provides her top 3 things we can do right now to make a shift for the positive.

Want to learn more about Resa?

Resa Eisen is a Social Worker, Therapist and Mediator, who has, over the course of her forty-year career, found her passion for understanding conflict and its impact on our most significant and intimate relationships. Over the years, Resa has launched many training programs in conflict-resolution, co-founded The Essential Conversations Project® to help older adults and their families prepare, plan and make decisions in mid-life and beyond, and has been an active member in her professional associations.

In the New Year, Resa plans to launch her newest program, called “Courage My Love: Lifting Your Emotional Health as a Woman Caring for your Aging Parents”.

Check out her website at www.marathonmediation.ca or email her at resa@marathonmediation.ca

Have You Been Hypnotized That You’re Over The Hill?

Have You Been Hypnotized That You’re Over The Hill?

December 23, 2020

You're going to love today's episode. It's a hilarious conversation with 77-year-old Hollywood actress Mariann Aalda who appeared in many popular 1980’s television shows. She shares her journey of realizing that she was being “Aged out" of her 30 year Hollywood career when the phone suddenly stopped ringing. But that didn't stop Mariann. She has since gone on to create, produce and star in several one-woman comedy acts about the experience of aging as a woman in our society. Her mission is all about empowering women to stand in their power no matter what age. 

We chatted about how we have been hypnotized and conditioned by the media and how that has translated into negative self talk about this time of life.

There are so many hilarious one-liners from Mariann in this conversation. Get ready to have a great laugh.

Here is the link to her Ted Talk we mentioned titled "Ageism Is a Bully...Stand Up to It!"- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcP4UxY_Q9o&feature=youtu.be

In the 1980s Mariann Aalda was a daytime television pioneer as one of the first - and still few - African-American daytime soap opera heroines, playing the feisty young criminal defence attorney, DiDi Bannister, on ABC’s EDGE OF NIGHT. Today, at 72 — after being “aged out” of Hollywood after a successful 30-year career in television, she’s blazing new trails...prosecuting ageism!

You can find her on Instagram  @mariannaaldathecronecrusader

Switch Careers Without Starting Over or Taking a Pay Cut

Switch Careers Without Starting Over or Taking a Pay Cut

December 14, 2020

This episode is focused on all things career and I have a fabulous conversation with Amber Beam who is a Midlife Career Coach.

Amber loves what she does and her energy is infectious! She helps us to open our mind and look at our career and skillsets in a whole different way.

We review the #1 factor for job satisfaction and how it helps make you happier in your career but also in your life as well. Amber provides tips for finding your 'secret sauce' and offers a free resource to help you discover yours. Another valuable piece we discuss is the difference between your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) versus your 'selling sauce'.

Have you ever thought about the 'Opportunity Cost' of staying in the role you are currently in, even though it isn't lighting your fire anymore? Amber gets the wheels turning and helps us shed a light on the vast possibilities available to midlife women.

Amber provides some really useful tips on how to make a change of career without starting over or taking a pay cut. She works with midlife women every day to help them love what they do and get compensated appropriately.

This book was referenced in the podcast: How Women Rise by Sally Haelgesen

Here is the freebie Amber mentioned at the end of the podcast for her 'Complete Roadmap to Advancing Your Career in Good Times and Bad' - amberbeam.com/results

Want to learn more about Amber?

Amber’s mission is to eradicate soul-sucking jobs everywhere! With 15 years in HR as an I-O Psychologist, she’s seen it all! Now she’s throwing back the curtain to reveal what you really need to know to win-over sceptics in HR.

She shatters the “it’s too late” and “I don’t think I have enough experience” myths to show women over 40 how to cash-in on decades of experience and launch a soul-mate career that makes a difference and pays the bills!

Her proven coaching programs and courses have helped tons of talented women score five-figure raises and “Summer Fridays” year-round. Her greatest achievement is hearing clients say, “now I look forward to going to work!”

Her website is: www.amberbeam.com

Connect with her on Facebook @withAmberBeam or on Instagram @withAmberBeam

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