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Love Your Body At Any Age

January 21, 2021
So many of us struggle with body image and weight gain as we age. Imagine loving your body exactly as it is while still achieving your weight loss and fitness goals. In today's podcast, I have a great conversation with Steph Miramontes, a Mind Body Transformation Strategist, about how we can achieve the results we want from a place of love and respect for our bodies instead of hatred and disgust. 
Steph shares her own journey of struggling with negative body image and diet and how she overcame it. She shares how diets, even when we do lose weight, actually exacerbate body image issues and leave us still picking our body apart and wishing it was better. 
We talk about how the health and fitness industry and media have tricked us into betraying our bodies based on an unrealistic and often unattainable ideal.  Steph shares that the key to lasting transformation is an inside job focused on mind, body, and soul and rebuilding the most important relationship we have, the one with our ourselves.
I hope you enjoy this episode and learn more about how to start having a love affair with your body as it is, now.
Learn more about Steph
Steph is the owner of soul-centred Fitness where she takes fitness and nutrition coaching from a mundane task list to inspired action. She’ll help you pull back the curtain on why you want to change while guiding you on a journey that is sustainable. She is also a Desire Map facilitator and blends the perfect amount of no BS coaching with grace and compassion. She has been helping people achieve their fitness goals since 2012.
She's committed to not only helping her clients untangle their relationship to food and end yo-yo dieting but also helps them heal a lifelong battle with their body image.
You can find Steph on Instagram, and listen to her podcast The MindBody Alchemy Podcast here.

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