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Courage to face your truth

Courage to face your truth

September 10, 2020
On today’s podcast we’re talking about having the courage to face your truth, 
especially at midlife.

Often, our fear and old programming holds us back from living the life of our
dreams. Midlife is an excellent time to awaken to your own unique personal
truth. In this episode, Helen Xenidis talks about coasting through life until a
pivotal moment in 2009 which changed her life and started the next part of her
journey. She explains how she began to open up to herself and that at age 44
she was reborn and stopped being a product of what others wanted her to be.

Helen has some amazing wisdom that you are going to want to hear for yourself.
You’ll walk away with several quotes that you are going to want to write down
and post on your wall so you don’t forget them. “Let’s embrace who we are and
shift our energy into who we’re becoming.”

“Midlife is only a crisis if you miss the awakening”. You’ll stay in crisis mode until
you’re ready for the awakening.

Helen is a woman on a mission to empower women to owning their own life and
dreams. Helen has a successful career as an insurance broker. Her goal is to
always create the best individual “safety net” that enables her clients to live their
lives and dreams without worry and uncertainty. Today, in addition to her corporate life, Helen is excited about being a model of
possibility for women entering midlife and menopause.

Follow her on Instagram @helenxenidis

Here is a link to her video on Speaker Slam that was mentioned in the podcas

Your Money Mindset

Your Money Mindset

August 14, 2020

On today’s podcast we’re talking about money.  People either love it or hate it but the one thing we all agree on is that it’s a necessary tool for life. 

What often comes up, and holds people back from making big  midlife shifts is fear of not having enough money, so in this episode  I talk with Agnes Kowalski,  a brilliant money mindset coach all about how our money mindset determines our thoughts, feelings and belief systems around our  finances. We talk about money as energy and dig into how things like grief, codependency and subconscious programming  impact our money story. 

Aggie shares how true alignment with ourselves is key to achieving the confidence and financial success we desire. Such an amazing  conversation!! I walked away with quite a few great insights and aha’s from this conversation.  I hope you do too.


Agnes Kowalski is a money mindset coach with 15+ years of experience studying patterns and alignment in people, originally as a therapist. She has  studied thousands of behavioural patterns to develop a unique method to Money Mindset Coaching. 

Agnes has coached entrepreneurs, real estate agents, healers, artists, actors and many other service providers to break through income ceilings and create a new money reality for themselves.


12 Lies of the Imposter Complex

12 Lies of the Imposter Complex

August 6, 2020

Ever dealt with Imposter syndrome? You know when you embark on a new venture or step out of your comfort zone and have every negative thought and limiting belief come rushing to the surface. I think we can all relate. I know for sure I’ve been there. So many times. Launching this podcast; starting the Old Chicks Know Shit platform; leaving my corporate job and I hear it from my clients. That’s why I knew I had to have Tanya Geisler, an expert on Imposter complex on the podcast. I loved this conversation so much. We talk about the 12 lies of the imposter complex and the one truth that can help you drown out the noise, tune in to your soul’s voice and step into the best version of you. Sooo good!!!

Tanya Geisler is a certified Leadership Coach, TEDxWomen speaker, and writer who teaches high-performing leaders how to combat their Imposter Complex and lead with impeccable impact so they can achieve their ultimate goals. Her clients include best-selling authors, public speakers, and rockstar motivators.

Get more information on Tanyas work at http://tanyageisler.com/12lies

Leaning into Feminine Wisdom

Leaning into Feminine Wisdom

July 23, 2020

# 020 -

We all have it. That quiet little voice inside us, that knowing that we all too often ignore. This episode is all about leaning into that voice and accessing the power of our feminine wisdom in midlife. I chat with Susie Stanley, creator of the Midlife Magic Interview Series about our experiences of midlife reinvention and how slowing down, tuning into ourselves and paying attention the inner knowing has been instrumental in creating our new and completely aligned next chapters.  It’s a juicy discussion that you won’t want to miss.  Link in my bio to listen.


 Susie Stanley is a mindset & spiritual empowerment coach, intuitive, soul explorer, host of the Midlife Magic Online Series, and creator of BroadcastBliss.com. Through her personal journey of healing and self-discovery, she inspires women on their own spiritual path of finding their inner wisdom and reclaiming the sacred feminine in their lives so they can heal themselves and the planet.

Living your Truth

Living your Truth

July 14, 2020

#020 - Living your Truth.

In this episode I chat with Jessica Casucci,  who after many years in a successful career as a lawyer and partner in a large firm, made the choice to no longer hide from her truth and in her words “blew up” her life. We discuss having the courage to face your truth and weather the fall out, knowing who you are and aligning with your authentic truth and how stepping forward is the only way to courage.  This is a fascinating story of a woman who had so much to lose but also so much to gain in standing up for herself. Inspiring is the understatement for this episode. You will love Jessica and her story. 

WARNING: Potential domestic violence triggers


Jessica Casucci is the founder and CEO of Mt. Olympus Performance Group, a firm that provides high-impact science and research-based executive and performance coaching to women.   With 18+ years’ experience as a corporate attorney, she formed her own company in 2019 with the goal of helping women aspire to big things and achieve them. In addition to coaching, she also can be found sharing inspirational stories of every day women doing bold, brave and badass things on her podcast, Boldly Spoken.  When she isn’t making playlists filled with deep house, 90’s hip hop and a bit of David Bowie for good measure, she’s hiking, playing with her rescue pets Orion, Finn & Nyx and cooking family style meals for the people she loves.


Boldly Spoken Podcast -https://mtolympusperformancegroup.com/podcast/

019 Living your Wellness Why

019 Living your Wellness Why

July 6, 2020

# 19 - In this episode we go deep on the importance of a wellness plan with Heather Denniston, a chiropractor, athlete, personal trainer and wellness strategist.  We often think about wellness as eating well and exercising and while we do cover this, our conversation focused a lot around mind-body connection, stress management and mindfulness as being key ingredients to any wellness plan. 

I know that in my own life having a disciplined diet and exercise regimen that looked great on the outside was actually a key contributor to my burnout because I didn’t have the right mindfulness and stress management practices in place. In this engaging conversation Heather takes us through “Should vs Good” wellness goals, getting to your “Wellness why” and how to build your wellness pit crew.  So many great take-aways for all of us to make sure we are living our best full colour lives for the next chapter.

Dr. Denniston is a seasoned chiropractor with an additional certification as a Wellness Chiropractor, (CCWP). She is an NASM trained Certified Personal Trainer, an avid athlete, health enthusiast, and writer who has a passion for inspiring people of all ages to ignite first steps toward their personal best. Through online content, public speaking and coaching, Heather shares wellness, fitness, and nutrition expertise for those looking for deeper change. Dr. Denniston is a frequent Wellness Strategist presenter for companies like Microsoft. She is also the author of “The Three Day Reset,” and the creator of the online wellness membership program,  “The Change Cave”. Dr. Heather presents nationally in a format that is energetic and  engaging.

Free git for listeners: “DISCOVER YOUR WELLNESS WHY” - http://bit.ly/WELLWHY


Reinventing Your Career in Midlife

Reinventing Your Career in Midlife

June 28, 2020

#018 - This episode is all about career. Often around midlife we find ourselves contemplating our careers and making decisions about whether we would like to continue to invest in the current path or try something else for our second act.  It can be a difficult decision when we have already invested so much to get to where we are. Cindy Harvey, career strategy coach talks with me about navigating this decision, how to evaluate the decision to stay or go and how we go about finding a career path that aligns with who we are.  I wish I could have had this conversation when I was making the decision to leave my corporate career. It would have saved many, many months of mental anguish. If you are in the process of contemplating next steps in your career this is a much listen.


Cindy Harvey is a Career Strategy Coach and founder of Amelia Dee, a company that helps high achieving corporate women breakthrough professional plateaus and thrive in fulfilling careers fully aligned to who they are. She has coached hundreds of clients on leveraging the power of energy & mindset to create success at work as well as designing a magnetic professional brand to make their next career move a breeze.

Reclaiming Lost Parts of Us

Reclaiming Lost Parts of Us

June 19, 2020

#017 In this episode of the podcast I chat with Betsy Murphy, author of Autobiography of an Orgasm which chronicles her journey from being disconnected from her body to in her 40’s to finding herself through exploration of orgasm.

This is a candid conversation where we chat about the relationship we have with our bodies as we age, societal perspectives on aging and our bodies, navigating menopause and different ways to reclaim lost parts of us at a time when the world most need us to step into the leaders we have become.

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling disconnected from your body or any part of your own truth this conversation is for you.

Betsy Murphy is a writer, performer, mother, grandmother, and guide for women to retrieve the hidden parts of our stories. She believes that sometimes moving forward means first going back to reclaim the lost parts of ourselves. 

 Her books include Autobiography of an Orgasm, Beyond O, Write On: A Daily Writing Practice for Anyone with a Story to Tell, and Chasing Temples (August 2020).

You can find out more about her books, solo shows, and where Betsy is teaching at betsybmurphy.com

Self Trust and Embodiment

Self Trust and Embodiment

June 13, 2020

#016 Excited to share this episode with you. It's near and dear to my heart. Elizabeth Dialto is the creator of Wild Soul Movement and The Embodied Movement Studio and was the first coach I ever hired, many years ago when my midlife reinvention journey began.  

In this conversation we talk all about Self Trust and embodiment - how to get out of your head, into your body and learn to trust your own inner wisdom. We also talk about menopause, body betrayal, societal programming and truth.  For me personally Elizabeth’s work was the beginning of an ongoing journey to uncovering long buried parts of myself and my deepest truths which have allowed me to create a truly authentic life that I love.  I hope you take some helpful nuggets from this conversation.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments. Send me a message and if you loved it I would be so appreciative if you would rate and review  wherever it is that you listen.

Navigating Midlife Relationships

Navigating Midlife Relationships

May 29, 2020

015 - I am super excited to share this episode with you. Probably one of my favourites to date. It's all about navigating changes in relationships – friendships and intimate partnerships - in midlife. Barb Beck is The Revolutionary Love Coach with a 20-year career in helping people create strong healthy relationships. We went deep on the topic of the quality of your relationships being directly proportional to the quality of relationship you have with yourself. Mic drop!!!! Such a good conversation. I also learned a few things about the way men experience midlife and relationships.  Tune in to this one.  You’re not going to want to miss this. 

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