Old Chicks Know Sh*t Podcast

Leaning into Feminine Wisdom

July 23, 2020

# 020 -

We all have it. That quiet little voice inside us, that knowing that we all too often ignore. This episode is all about leaning into that voice and accessing the power of our feminine wisdom in midlife. I chat with Susie Stanley, creator of the Midlife Magic Interview Series about our experiences of midlife reinvention and how slowing down, tuning into ourselves and paying attention the inner knowing has been instrumental in creating our new and completely aligned next chapters.  It’s a juicy discussion that you won’t want to miss.  Link in my bio to listen.


 Susie Stanley is a mindset & spiritual empowerment coach, intuitive, soul explorer, host of the Midlife Magic Online Series, and creator of BroadcastBliss.com. Through her personal journey of healing and self-discovery, she inspires women on their own spiritual path of finding their inner wisdom and reclaiming the sacred feminine in their lives so they can heal themselves and the planet.

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