Old Chicks Know Sh*t Podcast

Life without Limitation

January 30, 2020

Joan MacDonald @trainwithjoan is a transformation inspiration for all of us. In her 70’s Joan took her health into her own hands and went from being overweight and unhealthy to a super fit bad ass who mastered her unassisted first pull up at the age of 72. How incredible is that?   Recently Joan has appeared in several media outlets as the world catches on to how incredible this woman and her transformation is.

We talk about the limitations we put on ourselves, finding your inner child at any age and staying committed to your goals even when things get tough.  Her mantra is you can’t turn back the clock but you can wind it up again. Don’t you love that!!  Yes, she changed her body but the most inspiring part was how much her outer transformation has impacted her self-esteem and how she shows up in the world. Joan is a true bright light. I loved our conversation and I hope that you find it as inspiring as I did.

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