Old Chicks Know Sh*t Podcast

Reinventing Your Career in Midlife

June 28, 2020

#018 - This episode is all about career. Often around midlife we find ourselves contemplating our careers and making decisions about whether we would like to continue to invest in the current path or try something else for our second act.  It can be a difficult decision when we have already invested so much to get to where we are. Cindy Harvey, career strategy coach talks with me about navigating this decision, how to evaluate the decision to stay or go and how we go about finding a career path that aligns with who we are.  I wish I could have had this conversation when I was making the decision to leave my corporate career. It would have saved many, many months of mental anguish. If you are in the process of contemplating next steps in your career this is a much listen.


Cindy Harvey is a Career Strategy Coach and founder of Amelia Dee, a company that helps high achieving corporate women breakthrough professional plateaus and thrive in fulfilling careers fully aligned to who they are. She has coached hundreds of clients on leveraging the power of energy & mindset to create success at work as well as designing a magnetic professional brand to make their next career move a breeze.

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