Old Chicks Know Sh*t Podcast

012 The hidden cost of busyness and how it impacts our lives

April 23, 2020

NEW PODCAST:  In this episode we talk about something that I definitely struggled with for most of my adult life and that was the disease of business. In staying busy all the time and focusing on serving the needs of others we think we are doing everything right because that’s what our culture that rewards.  But it has a cost. We often find ourselves burnt out mentally and emotionally, unhappy and maybe even physically sick. We talk about how we reconnect with ourselves and the innate wisdom that lives inside us at a time when we need it most in our lives.  Jenna is an ontological coach trained in psychotherapy, a shaman, a Reiki/Energy Healer and Yoga teacher.

This is a juicy conversation all about forgetting and then learning to remember who we are.

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