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About Jennifer Arthurton

January 28, 2019

I’m Jennifer and I am an Old Chick. I’m 51. I, like most women I know, dread the thought of being called old. Not because of my age or how I feel,  but because of the stigma in our society about aging. Especially for women. 

I have one grown daughter and have had a rewarding 25+ year career in Marketing and Strategy in technology and finance. As I find myself contemplating the next phase of life, I have asked myself on more than one occasion “Is this it?” “What’s next?” “How do I want spend the rest of my life?”  And lurking in the back of my mind was “Am I too old to still be contemplating the things that I have always wanted to do but never actually got around to?”  I’ve had a burning desire to ride a motorcycle for as long as I can remember.  Can I still do that?

As I searched for inspiration for this next chapter, I began to realize that you have to dig pretty deep to find examples of middle age women living kick ass lives that didn’t involve sitting around waiting for kids to visit, grandchildren and retirement. And although those are lovely,  I want the second half of my life to be about me. I’ve given my all to my career and family and all the other “have to’s” in life and now its time to do what makes me happy. Writing is one of those things. And so I started this blog site as a place to create inspiration about what’s possible. I hope to use this page to share inspiring thoughts, stories and discussions about Old Chicks who are kicking ass, defying cultural stigma ’s and following their dreams. This is not the end of living but rather just the end of a chapter and there are many many more exciting chapters to come.

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