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Women, Power and Societal Conditioning

Women, Power and Societal Conditioning

November 26, 2020
Today’s podcast is all about how centuries of historical and societal conditioning has impacted how midlife women are perceived in our culture and how we think about ourselves.
I chat with Melanie Klein who is a professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies and a respected thought leader in the areas of self-acceptance, body confidence and empowerment. 
We have an amazing conversation about confidence, respect, invisibly and how we find empowerment in this time of life. We also discuss the astonishing statistics about the female image, aging and associated messaging that is so prevalent in our social media culture and how that impacts us through menopause and beyond.
Melanie shares the historical context for why we as women often fear our power and how getting out of our intellect and into the ‘feeling’ helps to us to reclaim it and take full ownership of all that we are and all that we are becoming as we age.
It's a fascinating conversation that sheds so much light on how we got to where we are and how we shift the narratives and perspectives moving forward. 
I hope you enjoy this as much I did. Let me know what you thought. 
Melanie C. Klein, M.A., is a sought-after empowerment coach and respected thought leader in the areas of authentic empowerment, radical self-acceptance and super-charged confidence. She is also a successful writer, speaker, and Professor of Sociology and Women's Studies. Based on over two decades of professional and personal work, Melanie integrates her backgrounds in mindfulness and embodied wisdom with her academic expertise and advocacy work. In this way, she offers a holistic and unique pathway to personal freedom and prosperity, one that is customized to each individual. melaniecklein.com/    
You can find Melanie on Instagram at melmelklein or on her website at www.melaniecklein.com
Managing the Sandwich Generation

Managing the Sandwich Generation

November 19, 2020

Are you a middle-aged woman sandwiched between taking care of your kids and your aging parent(s)? With many of us having kids later in life we find ourselves in what’s known as 'the sandwich generation’. And the demands can feel overwhelming.

In today's episode, I speak with Karen Faith Gordon, a gerontologist and elder care advocate about how to navigate the demands of this time of life.

We discuss how the older generation is really struggling during the current pandemic and how to help them manage their fear. Karen provides some great tips on how to provide support during this time

She shares how it is important to recapture the relationship of being a daughter, while still being the caregiver, and explains how to process the feelings of guilt, overwhelm and even grief that arises to create an open and honest dialogue. This can feel especially challenging when many of our parents come from a generation of suppressing emotions. 

As a  yoga teacher, Karen talks about the benefits that yoga brings to her elderly clients and how it can support them in the aging process. 

If you find yourself as part of the sandwich generation then this is one episode you won’t want to miss.

Karen Faith Gordon helps individuals and families address issues of aging through mental health/grief counselling, patient advocacy, care coordination, real estate and placement guidance to address short and long term care needs, and adaptive yoga for optimal well being. To learn more about Karen visit her website at https://karenfaith.llc/

Aging and Body Image

Aging and Body Image

October 21, 2020

How do you talk to yourself about the way your body is aging?

In today's episode, I have a beautiful conversation with Lorraine Ladish about body image at middle age and beyond.

Lorraine shares her personal story about struggling with eating disorders and body image at a young age and how she overcame it in midlife. She now has a strong relationship and love for her body and provides tips on how you can too. We talk about a recent blog post  where she shares photos from an 'honest' photo shoot and how one of the 'real' photos went viral. Here is a link to the blog post we referred to: https://www.vivafifty.com/over-50-birthday-photoshoot-lorraine-ladish-13313/

We talk about how an aging body is perceived in the media and how the perception is a 'learned behaviour' and that we 'allow' ourselves to 'believe' certain things that work against us. Lorraine shares some practical optimism about this that you are going to want to hear. 

Lorraine has fully claimed her power at midlife and is a true inspiration. We also talk about the fear of aging in our culture and how we all have a responsibility to provide positive education and inspiration to younger women about aging. 

Lorraine is a 21st. Century Communicator, helping empower women and others to achieve their goals. She is the founder and CEO of Viva Fifty! a bilingual community that celebrates being 50+. She's worked as an editor and social media coordinator for a number of online publications. She is a content creator and regular contributor to NBCNewsHuffpostAARPBabycenter and Mom.me. Lorraine has contributed to People en Español, La Palma of The Palm Beach Post,  Purple CloverLatina magazine and Redbook . Her latest book on embracing age was published by HarperCollins in 2017. 
But most of all Lorraine is a woman, a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a writer, an entrepreneur, a yogini.
Becoming an Entrepreneur in Your 50’s

Becoming an Entrepreneur in Your 50’s

October 15, 2020

Have you ever dreamed about starting your own business, but you tell yourself you’re too old, it's too late or you don’t have what it takes. Sound familiar? 

In this episode, I chat with Colleen Kochannek who is the creator of the Scrappy Frontier, a community built specifically to support women over 50 who are starting businesses. We talk about how to overcome the limiting beliefs, Self-trust and why we are afraid to dream big.  Colleen also shares the #1 reason that holds midlife women back from starting their businesses along with '3 old school skills’ that give women over 50 a massive advantage in business (click here for the link to the blog post we referred to).
This is a fun conversation that will give you a whole new appreciation of the power of women over 50 to start and run successful businesses.
Colleen Kochannek started her first online business after getting laid off from a near 3-decade long corporate career when she was almost 50.
The experience of having her own business was more incredible than she could have imagined, changing her life forever.
After ‘figuring out’ the online entrepreneurship game Colleen launched her second business - The Scrappy Frontier -  where she mentors other women from the typewriter generation to become successful first-time laptop entrepreneurs.
Colleen states, "I believe every woman over 50 should have the opportunity to start her own online business so that she can write an amazing future for the next half of her life.”
Her website is www.scrappyfrontier.com
Let Soul Lead

Let Soul Lead

October 8, 2020

Are you letting your soul take the lead?  Or are you stuck in the pattern of allowing your mind to take control and not living the life you desire?

In this episode, I talk to Soul Alignment Coach, Lisa Berkovitz about how to let your inner knowing lead the way to your purpose. Lisa share’s her story of how she went from a successful career in corporate to becoming a soul-aligned leadership coach for business owners and executives where she teaches them how to lead from their inner knowing to step into the heart of their purpose and create their true Life's Work at the highest level.

We talk about discovering your soul's truth, quieting the mind, navigating fear, surrendering and learning to trust when your soul is in the driver's seat.  This is such a great conversation to listen to if you’re hearing the nudges but having trouble trusting or if you’re feeling stuck about to go next in your life or find your purpose. 

You can learn more about Lisa’s work on her website at http://lisaberkovitz.com/

Inner Mean Girl

Inner Mean Girl

October 1, 2020

Do you ever say nasty things to yourself? Things that you would never ever dream of saying someone else?  That’s  your Inner mean girl talking. And she can be a real b*tch sometimes. If you’ve ever seen the movie Mean Girls you know exactly how destructive she can be.


In this episode I talk all about the inner mean girl with master coach and author  of “Reform Your Inner Mean Girl’, Amy Ahlers. We chat about  why we do this to ourselves and also about the 13 inner mean girl archetypes. Some of them are quite sneaky. You may not even see how they are holding you back.  Through her work as CEO of Wake Up Call coaching, Amy ’s mission to stop women from self-bullying and being so darn hard on themselves so they can step fully into their lives  as the leaders they are. 


Check the link in my bio for the Inner Mean Girl Archetype Quiz to find out which one a ruling your life. 


Amy Ahlers is a master women’s leadership and life coach, keynote speaker, and the bestselling author of Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves and Reform Your Inner Mean Girl. Amy is on a mission to STOP women from self-bullying and being so darn hard on themselves so they can make their greatest possible contribution. 


She’s the host of the celebrated Amy Ahlers Show podcast, she has been a featured keynote speaker on stages at places like  Google and Oracle and has appeared on countless TV and radio shows. Amy wholeheartedly believes it’s time for women to claim their seat at the leadership table.


Take the Inner Mean Girl Archetype Quiz  at www.freeinnermeangirlquiz.com

Courage to face your truth

Courage to face your truth

September 10, 2020
On today’s podcast we’re talking about having the courage to face your truth, 
especially at midlife.

Often, our fear and old programming holds us back from living the life of our
dreams. Midlife is an excellent time to awaken to your own unique personal
truth. In this episode, Helen Xenidis talks about coasting through life until a
pivotal moment in 2009 which changed her life and started the next part of her
journey. She explains how she began to open up to herself and that at age 44
she was reborn and stopped being a product of what others wanted her to be.

Helen has some amazing wisdom that you are going to want to hear for yourself.
You’ll walk away with several quotes that you are going to want to write down
and post on your wall so you don’t forget them. “Let’s embrace who we are and
shift our energy into who we’re becoming.”

“Midlife is only a crisis if you miss the awakening”. You’ll stay in crisis mode until
you’re ready for the awakening.

Helen is a woman on a mission to empower women to owning their own life and
dreams. Helen has a successful career as an insurance broker. Her goal is to
always create the best individual “safety net” that enables her clients to live their
lives and dreams without worry and uncertainty. Today, in addition to her corporate life, Helen is excited about being a model of
possibility for women entering midlife and menopause.

Follow her on Instagram @helenxenidis

Here is a link to her video on Speaker Slam that was mentioned in the podcas

Your Money Mindset

Your Money Mindset

August 14, 2020

On today’s podcast we’re talking about money.  People either love it or hate it but the one thing we all agree on is that it’s a necessary tool for life. 

What often comes up, and holds people back from making big  midlife shifts is fear of not having enough money, so in this episode  I talk with Agnes Kowalski,  a brilliant money mindset coach all about how our money mindset determines our thoughts, feelings and belief systems around our  finances. We talk about money as energy and dig into how things like grief, codependency and subconscious programming  impact our money story. 

Aggie shares how true alignment with ourselves is key to achieving the confidence and financial success we desire. Such an amazing  conversation!! I walked away with quite a few great insights and aha’s from this conversation.  I hope you do too.


Agnes Kowalski is a money mindset coach with 15+ years of experience studying patterns and alignment in people, originally as a therapist. She has  studied thousands of behavioural patterns to develop a unique method to Money Mindset Coaching. 

Agnes has coached entrepreneurs, real estate agents, healers, artists, actors and many other service providers to break through income ceilings and create a new money reality for themselves.


12 Lies of the Imposter Complex

12 Lies of the Imposter Complex

August 6, 2020

Ever dealt with Imposter syndrome? You know when you embark on a new venture or step out of your comfort zone and have every negative thought and limiting belief come rushing to the surface. I think we can all relate. I know for sure I’ve been there. So many times. Launching this podcast; starting the Old Chicks Know Shit platform; leaving my corporate job and I hear it from my clients. That’s why I knew I had to have Tanya Geisler, an expert on Imposter complex on the podcast. I loved this conversation so much. We talk about the 12 lies of the imposter complex and the one truth that can help you drown out the noise, tune in to your soul’s voice and step into the best version of you. Sooo good!!!

Tanya Geisler is a certified Leadership Coach, TEDxWomen speaker, and writer who teaches high-performing leaders how to combat their Imposter Complex and lead with impeccable impact so they can achieve their ultimate goals. Her clients include best-selling authors, public speakers, and rockstar motivators.

Get more information on Tanyas work at http://tanyageisler.com/12lies

Leaning into Feminine Wisdom

Leaning into Feminine Wisdom

July 23, 2020

# 020 -

We all have it. That quiet little voice inside us, that knowing that we all too often ignore. This episode is all about leaning into that voice and accessing the power of our feminine wisdom in midlife. I chat with Susie Stanley, creator of the Midlife Magic Interview Series about our experiences of midlife reinvention and how slowing down, tuning into ourselves and paying attention the inner knowing has been instrumental in creating our new and completely aligned next chapters.  It’s a juicy discussion that you won’t want to miss.  Link in my bio to listen.


 Susie Stanley is a mindset & spiritual empowerment coach, intuitive, soul explorer, host of the Midlife Magic Online Series, and creator of BroadcastBliss.com. Through her personal journey of healing and self-discovery, she inspires women on their own spiritual path of finding their inner wisdom and reclaiming the sacred feminine in their lives so they can heal themselves and the planet.

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